Huckleberry's Hammer

 Huckleberry's Hammer is a multi-purpose tool made BY truck drivers, FOR truck drivers. It has a clean appearance and is easy to use with one hand. USA made by Mike and his daughter Nikki. The tool has a guarantee and is a must have tool for all drivers.

About The Hammer


The Hammer

Can be used to:

  • Thump Tires
  • Knock Pintle hitches open
  • Hit your trailer door handles open
  • Knock padlocks loose
  • Knock frozen brake drums loose
  • Hit pins on trailer tandems
  • Tighten flanges on glad hands
  • Knock burrs of trailer sides/truck parts


The Chisel

Can be used to:

  • Chip ice off in-ground tank lids
  • Chip ice off truck parts
  • Open flanges on glad hands
  • Remove glad hands
  • Open cam locks on tanker fittings
  • Put in handle to crank landing gear
  • Open safety latches on pintle hitches
  • Cut plastic off back of trailer
  • Pop lights out of rubber grommets
  • Knock ice off winches
  • Remove bolts/screws from tires


Hook(Extends for additional reach)

Can be used to:

  • Pulls 5th wheel release
  • Pull pin for sliding tandems
  • Pull air tank drain cables
  • Pull chains/cables/straps on flatbeds and tow trucks
  • Drag pallets/Carry plywood
  • Drag hoses for tankers
  • Pull trailer doors down
  • Drag batteries around in shop
  • Reach items in pickup bed
  • Remove lids on fuel tanks in the ground